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Not Your Typical Booth Owner

Something we featured recently on our Facebook page, was a photo booth in a salon. We have a number of clients who are not the traditional wedding, corporate, or photographer client. These clients range from dentists, to salons, to pediatricians. As a non-traditional...

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Why We Love X-Drops!

With photo booths moving in a smaller and more portable direction, curtain structures are quickly becoming less common. This leads many people to wonder what they should be using as a background or how they get around the lack of curtains. Not all venues are created...

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It Isn’t Just a Scrap Book

The photo booth industry is tough, there’s always more competition. We certainly know that, so we’re always trying to find ways to adapt and stand out among the rest. A new addition to our rentals and our store are black paged memory books. To many people, the pages...

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How Pic Pic Social can help you add business.

Over the past few months, one of our biggest inquiries from our customers is about the Pic Pic Social. This is the social media sharing software that we offer. This program not only allows you to offer a unique service to your customers, but it opens you up to contact...

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Diversify your arsenal

Over the years, we’ve realized that being able to show diversity in the booths you have to offer gives your business a boost. When we show our booths off at bridal shows, one of the things we always make sure to do is bring different styles of our photo booths. By...

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Add some color to your world

The great thing about our all-new booths is that they have so many new capabilities. One of these capabilities, is a variety of paint color options for the booth. In the past, we were only able to offer black and white booths. Now, all of our booths are painted with a...

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