Your City Photo Booth MODELS

Selfie Booth small

Selfie Booth

Selfie’s are all the latest rage. This booth is compact, sleek and simple like all of our booths but with a twist.

Mini Booth small

Mini Booth

This is one of the most portable photo booths for sale on the market today! You can set this up in under 2 minutes!!!

Tower Booth small

Tower Booth

Our flagship photo booth! It is the one that started it all. Made in America. But custom for you and your new photobooth business.

mirror touch2

Mirror Booths

We have TWO different mirror booths that will get you ready to hit the dance floor again while snapping that best selfie!


As low as $75/month


Starting at $1,899

Start Your Business and Get the Fastest Return on Investment with Your City Photo Booth!


Starting at only $1,899!

New LOWER everyday pricing!
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*while supplies last

    Your City PhotoBooth Kleinfeld Banner
    Your City PhotoBooth Kleinfeld Banner

    Booths built to set you apart!

    Your City Photo Booth gives you all of the resources to make you successful fast so you can make your investment back faster and just in time to buy a second or third booth!


    Our booths are built for event rentals and set up in minutes.


    Tech Support

    We are here 7 days a week to help you succeed.


    10 plus hours of videos to help separate from your competition!


    Contracts & Emails

    Why waste time doing this when we already offer it!

    Remote Control

    We can remote into your computer from anywhere in the world!


    Our software is ever evolving and you will get those updates.

    Marketing Photos

    We provide top of the line photos for you to use right away.

    Facebook Community

    We have sold over 2,000 booths nationwide. Be a part of that closed-
    knit community!