Buy One MIrror, Get two other booths free!!!

Over the years, we’ve realized that being able to show diversity in the booths you have to offer gives your business a boost. When we show our booths off at bridal shows, one of the things we always make sure to do is bring different styles of our photo booths. By doing this, you are giving your brides the ability to book a both based on the space they have at their venue or pick what booth they like best.

When we first debuted our mini booth, we posted a picture of it on instagram to show our friends and fans. One of the first comments on the picture was from a bride who booked us and absolutely had to have the mini booth. This was the first time anything like this had ever happened to us. Brides are incredibly particular about what they want at their wedding, as we all know. Nothing is worse that a high maintenance bride who isn’t getting what she wants. Taking requests from brides as to what booths they want gives us a better connection to them as vendors and as someone they trust moving forward.

At bridal shows, we’ve started bringing all of our booths and when a bride requests a certain booth, we mark it on their contract. Seeing their reactions to the different styles is definitely self affirming, but also a great selling point for us. They end up wanting to try them all, which gives us more time to talk with them and eventually booking them.

Most people who buy booths can only afford to buy one at first. However, with 60% of our customers coming back to buy a second booth, we like to talk our returning clients into buying a different style. This allows you to have the same sort of success we have when showing our services. Diversify the styles of booths you have to offer and give your brides even more options when working with you.