Buy One MIrror, Get two other booths free!!!


Something we featured recently on our Facebook page, was a photo booth in a salon. We have a number of clients who are not the traditional wedding, corporate, or photographer client. These clients range from dentists, to salons, to pediatricians.

As a non-traditional photo booth owner, you have many different opportunities to market yourself through the photo booth. One of these ways is by vinyl wrapping the booth. This is something as simple as taking your booth to a car decal shop, having them come up with a design, and getting it done! What’s great about this is that you can remove the wrap, change it up or keep the wrap off, and no damage is done to the frame or shell of the booth.

The next thing you can do is bring the booth to open houses, community days, or promotional events. These give you exposure to a host of brand new potential clients. Simply create a layout with your company name and phone number and the photo strip is now a business card for you. People love a free photo booth, so you’ll be guaranteed to have a line, use this time to casually talk to customers about what you do and they’ll leave with a good impression of your business and a way to contact you in the future for business.

Recently, we brought a photo booth to a corporate 5k. We all ran in the race and had a photo booth in our tent for the after party. So many people came up asking to use the booth and we happily obliged. We were able to talk about what we do, see how fun we are, and handed out business cards in the process. A great way to market our business in one of the least traditional atmospheres! Taking your booth with you outside of the office and getting creative with it will surely lead to an increase in business and conversation about your company!