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Conferences, Software & More

This past February, Your City Photo Booth had the honor of sponsoring and help moderate a conference for 200 photo booth businesses around the world that want to better their business in the awesome city of New Orleans!

We met with a ton of clients who already own the photo booths we sell. We also met with a ton of newcomers that wanted to really push their business to the next level.

The best part of these conferences is always the networking. Sure, you can sit in a photo booth class and learn about feature and great ideas but getting to talk to someone about their successes and getting information that way is what always excited me. One person we networked with a lot was Chris Breeze who came all the way from the UK!

Our company utilizes Breeze DSLR Remote Pro. We have been using that program forever. In fact, it is pretty much the first ever commercial photo booth program ever released and still one of the most popular.

Chris Breeze is the creator of that software and he presented a few classes.  We were able to speak with him one on one for a while and give him input on features we would like implemented. He took our suggestions and many are actually being implemented in the upcoming release of his photo booth software. All clients of ours get 1 year free upgrades and we highly recommend you keep the software up to date. Your City Photo Booth will always notify you of an upgrade in our exclusive members only Facebook group. We will also make a youtube video of every new photo booth feature that comes out so you can easily figure out how to implement the new stuff!

Enough about Chris… It was amazing to see so many companies wanting to push themselves to the next level.  Confetti boomerang gif photo booths were a thing of the future just a few months ago and now they are mainstream. Everyone is talking about boomerang gifs and wanting them. It is so easy to implement that you should all be taking advantage of that feature.

What is a boomerang gif photo booth? It literally is just a series of photos that are captured and played in an infinite loop from front to back and then back to front. YOU can set the speed to be normal speed or even slo-mo. Slow Motion Photo Booths have been around but this now means you can technically do it without a camera that costs thousands.

Technology is changing so fast and in order to keep up we need each other. Conferences like these help push photo booth businesses to the next level. It also helps us with photo booth sales because WE listen and try to implement and be at the forefront of all those photo booth trends!

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