Buy One MIrror, Get two other booths free!!!

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Many people around the photo booth industry have been concerned that the “trend” will slow down or that the market will become oversaturated over time. However, if you look at google analytics, the searches for “photo booth” are continuing to not only hold firm, but also steadily increase. This is good news if you’re looking to purchase a photo booth. Our rental company has continued to meet and exceed our sales targets. We actually have multiple nights of 10+ rentals this summer!

Booths have started become more of a wedding staple than a trend, contrary to what people originally thought. Having a photo booth as a part of your company or even just a photo booth company can be a very lucrative business but doing your research before purchasing your booth is important. When you look to buy a photo booth, searching to see the saturation and trend of photo booths is important. Find the trends in your area, how much are rentals costing, who will your target clientele be? Adding a social media kiosk or a green screen options will make your booth even more enticing to potential clients! One thing is certain though, photo booths are here to stay! Check out the google analytics link here!