Small but MIGHTY

Everyone loves this booth




Small but MIGHTY

Everyone loves this booth


Open or Enclosed…Let Your Client Decide!
This is the most versatile booth on the market that offers a ton of unique features.


We utilize a Canon Rebel DSLR camera that has an 18-megapixel camera. The camera can tilt up and down. It also utilizes a system that allows the camera to be used in portrait or landscape mode without removing the camera at all.

Back Monitor

Advertise on this back 16 inch monitor or show what is happening in the booth. This monitor can show videos, GIFs, photos or anything you want!

Door Lock

Lock the door with an easy to remember 3 digit code that you can set to be whatever you want. No more forgetting keys and/or having nosey guests try to get into your booth.

Touchscreen & Software

The booth is utilizes a 22 inch touchscreen with custom photo booth software that allows you to print any size photo (2x6, 4x6, 5x7…), GIF animation (boomerang, burst gifs and more), green screen, light painting and social media upload (e-mail, Facebook, Instagram). See some of our examples below.

Professional Flash

We utilize a modeling light and flash that professional photographers use in their studios to get the best quality photos possible.


The booth literally is setup in a minute. The top piece of the booth fits into the bottom when transporting by removing the printer shelf that fits in the bottom of the booth as the base when transporting.


as low as $150/month


it today for only $4,599


Top: 38x14.6x11.6
Bottom: 41.25x17x14
Weight: 75 lbs
Shipping: $325


FREE Cover if paid by check or wire transfer – $300 Value

DNP-DSRX1HS Printer – $600

Curtain Enclosure – $500



Don’t miss out on ordering one of these amazing booths! You’re not ordering just a photo booth… you become part of the Your City Photo Booth family! We offer unparalleled support, an owners area with access to designs, backgrounds, SEO tips and much, much MORE!!!

All of our booths are uniquely designed with easy of use for the customer and staff in mind. We are operators too!



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or as low as $150 / month

Show Me The Power!

GIF Photo Booth build by Your City Photo Booth

Gettin' Giffy With It!

Will Smith has nothing on our technology. Have you ever heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Well, what about a series of pictures, that tells a story. Our software allows your guests to do just that with their photos. This is a perfect example that is taking 8 (yes 8) photos and placing them on a different green screen background. You can pick as many photos or green screen backgrounds as you want too! The options are endless.


Our software still allows you to print out those photos if they’d like or we share them directly to social media for the world to see. This example shows you how we take all the photos that were taken to create a GIF in the last photo and print out a nice 4x6 as well. This 4x6 is totally customizable as well.
Custom Layouts designed by Your City Photo Booth
Boomerang Burst GIF’s Photo Booths for sale from Your City Photo Booths

Back & Forth Baby!

A burst of photos is taken in a rapid sequence to make a quick video that is looped forwards then backwards. Boomerang Burst GIF’s are the latest trend that our software allows. Also notice how you can totally customize what you put on the GIF! Your future clients will love this! Did you know that Facebook allows you to have a video for a profile picture? This would be the perfect profile picture for people to use. Add some confetti or bubbles for some real fun!

Luke I am Your Father … of Light Painting!

Grab Darth Vader's lightsaber and create cool visual effects with your booth. All you need for this is a black background. Your photo will take a photo and then your guests will quickly move LED lights for a few seconds while the shutter is still open and it will create an amazing effect like you see here!

Light Painting and Visual Effects - Custom Layout by Your City Photo Booth
License to Rock - Custom ID Card printer Photo Booths for sale from Your City Photo Booths

ID Card Station

Did you always want to be a rockstar! I sure did so I created this cool layout and printed a plastic ID Card. You can easily create any kind of ID card you want. This can be done on your booth easily. You just need to buy an ID card printer and pay for the license to use the photos and custom app setup but it integrates very easily!

Animated Overlays

It snows a lot in Buffalo! I mean a lot! We just cant get enough of snow so notice how we made it look like it was actually snowing in this layout. Animated overlays are a great addition that will make YOU stand out from your competition.

Christmas Holiday Party Boomerang GIF Booth - Custom Layout by Your City Photo Booth
Selfies with the Bride - GIF Photo Booth for sale from Your City Photo Booth

Social Media and More

Our booths allow you to post to social media straight from the booth. Post to Facebook, SMS, Email and more! Want to record a video? We can do that as well. On top of that there are many other features like virtual reality 180 and 360 photos uploadable to Facebook, survey/quiz entry, contest mode and more.

Feeling Green... Green Screen!

With a green screen photo booth your guests can travel to far off reaches of the Brazilian Rainforests or to the beaches of Hawaii or in my case a canoe looking at the Niagara Falls! Notice how I have the canoe in front of me and I made myself pretty tiny to fit in the space provided. Our software allows all of this and I demonstrate all of these on the videos you get when you purchase!

Green Screen Photo Booths manufactured by Your City Photo Booths

Built to set you apart!


Your City Photo Booth gives you all of the resources to make you successful fast so you can make your investment back faster and just in time to buy a second or third booth!


Our booths are built for event rentals and set up in minutes.


Tech Support

We are here 7 days a week to help you succeed.


10 plus hours of videos to help separate from your competition!


Contracts & Emails

Why waste time doing this when we already offer it!

Remote Control

We can remote into your computer from anywhere in the world!


Our software is ever evolving and you will get those updates.

Marketing Photos

We provide top of the line photos for you to use right away.

Facebook Community

We have sold over 1,000 booths nationwide. Be a part of that closed-
knit community!

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or as low as $150 / month

"The booth sells itself! There is no comparison of aesthetics, functionality or value between a Booth from Your City Photo Booths and any other photo booth on the market, I did extensive research before deciding on buying a booth from Your City Photo Booths."



Christian Gonzalez - ACG Entertainment

"Our brides are having so much fun with them and the employees really enjoy how easy it is to set up and operate. We bought 2 photo booths and they were paid off within the first year of operation! Jeff, You have been a great help and very prompt with your replies."



Daniel Forster - Daniel James Photography

"That first year, the Photo Booth paid for itself and I was soon in a position of needing a second Booth as people would often request one on a date I had already booked. 3 years later, I own 4 models from YOUR CITY Photo Booths!"



Jon Thompson - Net Sound

"I own 3 photo booths from Your City Photo Booths, and they are built so well. Your City Photo Booths knows how to construct booths that have great flow, and look great being setup in venues."



Jordan Forster - Blue White Photo Booths

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