360 Photo Booths


360 Photo Booths



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Not only that but we also include:

– 2 Months FREE Software License
– Advertising videos ($2,000 value)
– Advertising photos ($1,200 value)
– Sample images taken with booth – how can you sell something before you even have it?! Now you can ($200 value)
– Sample contracts and emails ($500 value)
– Dedicated Facebook Community

We also promise not to make you wait 4 – 6 weeks and then tell you its another few weeks! We want to make you guys money FAST!

What else? We give you photos, videos and sample images so YOU can use them as advertising. No one else does that BUT how can you advertise your brand new cash machine if you don’t have advertising material!? We have you covered!

Latest Trend
New trends only come around every few years. Easily make your money back on this in less than 5 events!


What is a 360 Booth?
You stand on a platform and a camera goes around you in 360 degrees capturing video that then is transformed into an amazing video.
How does it work?
While you stand on the platform, our attendant will direct you on what to do and then when you are ready we start moving the camera quickly around you. Our software then compiles it and allows you to email/text it to yourself immediately.
Can I customize it?
Of course, you can. We will create a custom layout to fit your event!
Automatic is the only way! Don’t be fooled by manual spinners. You don’t want to be in charge of spinning an arm over and over and over again. Use OUR wireless remote to hit a button a start your 360. This way you won’t be in all the videos.

We provide videos upon videos to help you get started from the booth itself to software choices. Let us lead you to the light… I mean money … no yea ok both!

Why buy a 360 Booth from us?

We not only sell these but rent these weekly. We created our booth to take what you can give it. SERIOUSLY!

We have been renting booths for about 15 years (no we aren’t old just “experienced”). This latest craze with the 360’s has been the most PROFITABLE endeavor yet. Seriously, where else can you make your money back in less than 5 events. Our 360’s rent for at least $1,500 an event.

If you are looking for one of the most unique ideas out there that everyone young and old would want, then the 360 booth is what you need. Whether you are a dj, photographer, starting a new business or whatever the case may be THIS is your opportunity to get in at the beginning. Like I said, we are seasoned over 15 years in the photo booth rental business, and this is year 1 for the 360. You can be where I am in 10 years with over 500+ rentals a year. DO THE MATH!


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