Buy One MIrror, Get two other booths free!!!


Props are an instrumental part of any photo booth, the right assortment of props can help make a booth even better! Over the years, we’ve learned what props work best and why. Last year, we decided to ditch the hats, wigs, and masks in favor of more “elegant props” as we like to say.

As a company, sending out 8-12 photo booths throughout a weekend, there is a lot of upkeep to be done. This doesn’t mean fixing the booth, it means keeping paper and ink, memory books, and USB drives in stock. It also means regularly going through our prop boxes to make sure nothing is broken. Last year a decision was made to get rid of all of our traditional props for one big reason, sanitary concerns. Having hats and wigs passed through hundreds of hands (and on their heads) over the course of a few days, gets them dirty quickly. We ended up having to throw out handfuls of props every Monday morning and costs quickly added up.

After a while, looking as garbage bags full of props once a week got really old. We then opted for more durable and creative sign props. These are not only durable, but also water proof and long lasting. The only maintenance these require is a wipe down every few events if they get sticky from drinks being spilled. Another investment we made was in 3D printed sick props. These props come as glasses, moustaches, lips, and more. Not only are these just as durable as the sign props, but both these sets of props take up less space than our totes of hats and wigs. The initial investment in these props are certainly more than our old ones, but their event life makes them worth the money!