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With photo booths moving in a smaller and more portable direction, curtain structures are quickly becoming less common. This leads many people to wonder what they should be using as a background or how they get around the lack of curtains.

Not all venues are created equally, we all know that, some are great and others you’d rather not have to work at. This we all understand and each venue presents it’s own unique challenge when working a photo booth. There are some venues with a perfect exposed brick wall for a backdrop. It’s almost like the wall was made to be photographed. There are others, however, that are less than ideal. With an open air photo booth, these not so picturesque locations pose a large challenge to you and your employees.

The best thing we’ve found so far to help us when we’ve run into an issue with a venue’s wall are Westcott X-Drops. These 5×7 backdrops are not only inexpensive and incredibly portable, but also very easy to set up and come in a whole host of different designs and colors. They very quickly transform an ordinary room into something that is photo booth friendly. We also give our clients the opportunity to choose between 3 different color schemes or styles for their background, to add a touch of personalization.

Set up for the X-drop, which comes in a bag similar to a camera tripod, takes less than five minutes. It consists of putting together 8 different arm pieces and placing them onto the legs. Simple and sturdy! They also have a green screen backdrop for a quick and easy green screen booth.

Check out Westcott X-Drops here!