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Booking Corporate Clients

Booking a corporate client is something that is huge for any small business owner. Working to maintain that relationship can yield a lot of return business and referrals from the exposure. When you initially buy a photo booth, landing a corporate client can be a great way to boost your rentals.

Recently, we worked alongside a marketing firm to do a photo booth for an Italian Festival, here in Buffalo. We brought our tower booth along, had it vinyl wrapped in their theme, and placed a blue screen as the background. Throughout the course of the weekend, we had a photo booth up, with 4 different background options for guests to use. We also had a pic pic social station set up, where guests then sent their photos to themselves via Facebook, SMS text, or email.

Working with corporate clients can be challenging, however. They are always very detail oriented and booths must run seamlessly. Building a good relationship with them from the beginning requires a lot of patients. Most have no clue what your capabilities are as a company, so finding a middle ground between their needs and what you can offer is very important. Over the years, our relationships with our corporate clients has grown quite strong, to the point where we are offering our services to their employees for personal events. The exposure we have received has helped our business grow and led us down further corporate and personal paths.