Buy One MIrror, Get two other booths free!!!

Things you might want to know…
Why should we choose you?
We have been building and selling booths for over 7 years! We have over 1,000 happy clients, who many own 2 or more of our booths.
How do we purchase?
That is easy to do actually. You can purchase straight through our site by clicking here or on each page of the booth you are interested there are links to purchase.
What is your minimum order quantity?
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Where are your booths made?
USA USA USA … we are very patriotic.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, checks, PayPal and wire transfer. If you pay by check or wire transfer we include the covers and/or case for your booth for free!
Do you offer financing?
Financing is offered through a third party. Click this link to fill out the application for financing.
Do you offer discounts for multiple units purchased?
Of course we do! Call us to find out your options (note if you buy 6 booths or more we include the printer for free!).
How long does it take to ship our booth once we purchase?
We build our booths and stock at least 10 units at each time. It will not take longer than 3 business days from purchase to ship your booth!
How do you ship?
We ship the selfie and tower booth via freight. The mini and expression booth will arrive via FedEx.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, BUT you must take care of all customs and brokerage fees. We have shipped to Canada, Mexico, Japan, Russia and Australia!
Do I need to be home when the booth arrives?
You need to be home for the tower and selfie booth. You do not need to be home for the mini or expression booth.
How will I know what to do with the booth once it arrives?
Our CEO is a former teacher and is super detail oriented. We will send out an email with a checklist of things to do to prepare yourself for your greatest investment ever.
Our Booths
We include a one year warranty on all of our products.
Well thanks! All of our booths are made of metal that are welded then powder coated. These booths are made to take a beating.
How portable are your booths?
We have been renting out photo booths for 10 years and have rented thousands. We have had over 75 photo booth employees and all of these booths we sell are our design with our attendants in mind. Every booth will fit in the backseat of your car with room to spare.

The mini fits into a bag the size of a carry-on piece of luggage, the expression booth is even smaller, the tower booth top piece gets placed into the base and can easily slide into the back seat of your car and the selfie booth will fit in the back seat as well!

How many people fit in your booth?
The real question should be how big of a space do you have. Our record with the tower booth was 26! Most of the time, though, you will get 2 – 5 guests.
What else do we get when we purchase?
This is a loaded question but let me break it down in a few questions … read all these FAQs and see what you really get.
Can I order my booth without some items?
Absolutely! We do not recommend it but we will definitely work with you. It doesn’t hurt to always have a backup camera.
What color booths can I choose from?
Black or White … the only booth that comes in one color is the selfie booth and that’s white.
Does the booth come with a printer?
All printers are sold separately as we offer and suggest a few different ones. Printers are drop shipped straight from the manufacturer to ensure warranty (1 – 3 years).
Do you include carrying bags?
We include carrying bags for free if you pay by check or wire transfer. If not, the prices for each carrying case is listed on the store.
How long will it take us to get up and running?
You should be up and running within 30 minutes. Everything is put together and is ready to go.
Do your booths come with an enclosure?
We sell an enclosure for the tower booth only that fits right through the booth and is 5ft by 5 ft with blackout curtains. The other booths we offer backdrops.
Do your booths come with backdrops?
We sell backdrops separately. We have several options and sizes. All of our backdrops will also include your logo on them. Logo must be provided in a HIGH RES format to be included for free.
Is a green screen included?
No, but we do sell green screens that have your company logo on them listed at the store site!
Can your booth create GIFs?
Of course they can… standard GIFs, boomerang, still, burst, greenscreen, and more!
and Software
What type of camera is included?
We utilize a Canon DSLR camera that offers the top of the line photos. There is no need to worry on the quality as we have been using these from the time we have been in business and people always comment that the photos from our booths are some of the best they have ever seen.
Does your camera tilt?
Yes all of our booths allow the camera to be moved up and down.
What orientation can my camera be put in?
The tower and mini allow you to have your camera in the portrait or landscape view without ever removing the camera!
What type of prints come out of your booths?
You can do anything with the correct printer. You can print 2×6, 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, stickers, flipbooks and more!
Can I print multiple copies for every guest?
Absolutely! We have a hidden button on the touchscreen to allow you to print extra whenever you want.
Someone lost his or her photos from earlier in the night. Can we reprint?
Absolutely! There is an option we have setup that will pull up a screen of every photo taken that night that allows you to re-print however many copies you need!
What type of computer is included?
Each booth offers its own version and is listed on each page of the photo booths listed. All of our booths at least use an i3 processor and 4gb of ram at the minimum.
I totally broke my computer messing around. How can you help?
We are in Buffalo but thanks to technology we can remote into your computer from anywhere in the world to show you how to fix what you did or even to just show you new features. We can even be on the phone at the same time so you can learn! Did we already mention the CEO is a former teacher! He loves to teach
What type of software do you use?
We use a program called DSLR Remote Pro. We also offer Darkroom as well. There are over 50 videos made showing how to run every feature of the software. We have it all preset and ready to go so you just need to use the software. Each video or photo listed on this site is from using Breeze.
Does the software do green screen?
Yes! It is a very easy process to run as well.
Is a green screen included?
No, but we do sell green screens that have your company logo on them listed at the store site!
Does your software offer social media uploads?
Yes you can upload the GIFs (converted to videos for easier posting) and photos to all social media platforms.
Does your software utilize an iPad software?
No. We recommend a piece of software at a discounted rate. Please contact us for that info and we will provide it for you. This software will also create a micro-site for every event as well.
What is a micro-site?
A micro-site is a webpage with every single photo and/or gif created at one site that is totally customizable! This is a great add-on for that corporate client.
Can you make videos?
Yes, you can record videos. You set how long or short you want them to be.
Does your booth offer slo-mo?
YES! This can be done via the video option and you can pick how slow you want it to go, whether you want it to have a boomerang effect and the amount of frames. These can be immediately uploaded to social media after.
What type of photos can be printed (black and white, color, etc)?
Do you want that Kardashian effect on your photos!? It is the latest rage. Well good news… you  can do that with our booth. You can create any style photo you want like sepia, black and white, color, purple hues, green hues… options are endless!
Do you offer websites?
Yes! We can totally make a custom site for you. Please contact us for more information.
For Owners
Do you offer sample contracts?
Yes! Did you know a lawyer can charge about $100-$300 an hour to make a contract and it could very well take them 10 hours to make an iron-clad contract for you? Don’t worry about that! We provide our contract for you! We still recommend having a lawyer look at it in your state to fix the wording but you will save hundreds, if not thousands!
How do you advertise?
We want this to be the easy part so we will continuously (FOREVER) provide you with advertising photos, sample emails and even flyers that you can use for your company! NO OTHER COMPANY OFFERS THIS! WE DO FOR FREE.
Can your layouts be customizable?
Absolutely! We offer you over 100 free custom layouts that are easily editable via Photoshop.
Can I use photos from your site to advertise?
No! Well that was mean wasn’t it … actually YES! When you purchase a booth from us you will also get access to a client only section where we will provide you with a plethora of advertising photos of the booth, strips, layouts and more!
and Support
What is the return policy?
All sales are final.
What other support do you offer?
We have an online facebook community that is for owners only that is a great resource and we have dozens of videos to help with almost every feature of the booth and software.
What about customer support?
You get one year customer support as well. We have clients who have had our booths since 2010 and still call or email. We still help them out! Your success equals our success.
What is your warranty?
We include a one year warranty on all of our products.
Does the printer come with a warranty?
All printers are sold separately as we offer and suggest a few different ones. Printers are drop shipped straight from the manufacturer to ensure warranty (1 – 3 years).
Again, why should we choose you?
Well if you made it this far you are pretty interested right!? I can keep the FAQ going but there are probably another 100 questions I can add of things you get by purchasing!
Still need help?
For any other questions, please send us a message.
Don’t forget that we also answer our phone, too!