Why you should buy a photo booth from us?

This is a question we get all the time… “Why should you buy a photo booth from Your City Photo Booth?” This question is something I could go on forever about but time is money and people don’t have an infinite amount of time. Long story short… we listen! End of blog …...

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Photo Booth Professional International

Conferences, Software & More This past February, Your City Photo Booth had the honor of sponsoring and help moderate a conference for 200 photo booth businesses around the world that want to better their business in the awesome city of New Orleans! We met with a...

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Time in the Photo Booth Business Matters

Building a Photo Booth Business Your City Photo Booth has been around manufacturing photo booths for nearly 10 years. Selling photo booths is a passion of ours. We started building photo booths as our rental business was expanding. We just were not happy with what was...

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Check out this GIF

GIF Photo Booth For Sale Did you know that all of our photo booths can create GIF's? If not, contact us today to learn more about the photo booths that we have for sale. Contact us for more information!  

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Off to the Expo We Go!

Will you be at the DJ Expo next week in Atlantic City? We will! We are happy to say that we are busy building booths and preparing ourselves to give YOU the best deals possible next week! If you’re there looking to buy a photo booth, make sure to stop by our booth and...

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New Tower Booth Feature, Now Available!

Here at Your City Photo Booth, we’re always working to be the industry leader for those looking to purchase a photo booth. The photo booth market is an ever-changing place and new booths and programs are coming out almost daily, it seems. We’re proud to announce a...

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Why We Dumped the Wigs

Props are an instrumental part of any photo booth, the right assortment of props can help make a booth even better! Over the years, we’ve learned what props work best and why. Last year, we decided to ditch the hats, wigs, and masks in favor of more “elegant props” as...

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Photo Booths Are Here to Stay!

Many people around the photo booth industry have been concerned that the “trend” will slow down or that the market will become oversaturated over time. However, if you look at google analytics, the searches for “photo booth” are continuing to not only hold firm, but...

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Booking Corporate Clients

Booking a corporate client is something that is huge for any small business owner. Working to maintain that relationship can yield a lot of return business and referrals from the exposure. When you initially buy a photo booth, landing a corporate client can be a great...

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Think Outside the 2×6!

A feature that’s great about our photo booths is that we have the ability to not only print 2x6 prints but also 4x6 and 5x7 prints. If you are looking to purchase a photo booth, this gives you the ability to offer a few options to your future customers. As a company,...

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