Buy One MIrror, Get two other booths free!!!

This is a question we get all the time… “Why should you buy a photo booth from Your City Photo Booth?”

This question is something I could go on forever about but time is money and people don’t have an infinite amount of time.

Long story short… we listen!

End of blog … I sold you on a photo booth already right!?

No ok …

Our roots come from humble beginnings where we were just like you. We went to buy a photo booth from a few different companies in the mid 2000s. I remember every laughing at me saying that will never work and why would you purchase a photo booth. Its just a fad … Well 10 years later who has the last laugh.

Photo booths are here to stay and the reason they are is the exact reason you should purchase a photo booth from us.

We stay up with the trends! Our photo booths for sale are not only the most technological photo booths out on the market but the sleekest design as well. We have tweaked the photo booths constantly over the last 10 years with suggestions we see and suggestions you see.

Our drawings of the tower booth are literally on its 76th revision in the four years we have been selling that photo booth. Will you notice all the changes? Definitely not! But the main thing is that the changes we make will help you out in the long run. We put all of our photo booths through the ringer before we even begin selling them. Our photo booths are made of the top of the line metals and are welded by some of the top welders in the United States. We have strict guidelines for our powder coater to ensure a shiny even coat of paint on each of our products.

On top of that, our service is bar none. We offer more than any other manufacturer out there. In fact most “photo booth manufacturers” don’t even keep stock of their booths. They wait for you to purchase a photo booth and then start building. We typically stock anywhere from 20 – 30 photo booths at any given time.

With every photo booth we sell we include all of the following for free with the purchase of a photo booth!

  1. Sample Contracts
  2. Sample Emails
  3. Every Photoshop layout on
  4. Sample advertising flyers
  5. A plethora of advertising photos of the booths, strips and people using them (professionally done)
  6. Dozens of YouTube videos explaining how to work every function of your booth
  7. A dedicated Facebook community to help you grow your business
  8. Remotely control your booth from anywhere in the world

These things will literally help you hit the ground running!

I could continue on for days like I said but read a few more blogs and take a look around our site a little more. I am confident that the photo booths for sale on our site will be your best bet to succeed in this photo booth industry!