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Building a Photo Booth Business

Your City Photo Booth has been around manufacturing photo booths for nearly 10 years. Selling photo booths is a passion of ours.

We started building photo booths as our rental business was expanding. We just were not happy with what was out on the market. We started back in the day when touchscreen photo booths were not a thing. We used booths that had a big red button that guests pushed. Let me tell you I’m glad those days are over!

Our photo booth booths we sell are literally have changed a ton. We always take the feedback from our over 1000 clients and try to implement all of the ideas that come our way.

Our flagship booth was discontinued last year as times have changed. The best part about that booth is we learned a ton of things, which has now allowed us to offer you 4 great new photo booths, the tower booth, mini booth, selfie booth and expression ipad photo booth. In the coming blogs, I will talk about each booth individually and the processes we have gone through to make sure they are the best booths on the market.

Our booths are manufactured and built in Buffalo, NY. We test out EVERY booth before it goes out to ensure you don’t have any issues when you get it up and running. Our booths are 99% in stock at all times. We literally ship within 48 hours after you purchase!

I mentioned before about our expanding rental photo booth business… we literally in 3 years went from renting 1 booth to 3 to 7 to one night we rented out 15 photo booths!

We do not just sell photo booths but we rent them out every week. I have close to 20 photo booth employees. What does this mean to you? My employees are just like you and your employees. We have the same issues that you face and I get the same phone calls you will. Over the last 10 years I have taken what was wrong at each event of one of my employees (typically user error) and implemented things into the photo booths we sell so you will never have that issue.

Fast forward to 2017 and I rarely ever get a phone call from my employees anymore as I have simplified the process immensely and we offer a ton more than we used to. We offer boomerang gif photo booths and emails with every rental now! Why you ask? It takes us no more work to do this… its all done in the software!